Code Eurodicautom : AUG

Code Lenoch : HUB95


Terme : assemblage coronographique


Dispositif fait de masques et de doigts permettant d'occulter des objets très lumineux pour observer et photographier des objets voisins faiblement lumineux. (STOF-R)

Code grammaire : NM

Auteur : Isabelle Stoffel

Liens conceptuels

assemblage coronographique "se compose de" cache apodiseur
assemblage coronographique "se compose de" doigt coronographique
assemblage coronographique "est une partie de" optique de transfert


Terme : coronographic facility


An optical mechanism occulting the image of bright celestial objects, by means of masks or fingers, allowing thus the faint light of the corona to be isolated. (MITT-C : 91, ILLI-C : 78 (A))

Code grammaire : N


Faint structures close to bright objects may be studied with a coronographic facility included in the F/96 relay. It consists of a fixed mask placed at the ST focal plane and of an apodizing mask located on the F/288 removable Cassegrain at the ST pupil. (ESAa-G : 16)


The coronograph was designed in 1930 by the French astronomer Bernard Lyot for observing and photographing the Sun's corona, prominences, etc., at times other than at solar eclipses. (ILLI-C : 78)

Auteur : Isabelle Stoffel

Liens conceptuels

coronographic facility "is made up of a(n)" apodizing mask
coronographic facility "is made up of a(n)" coronographic finger
coronographic facility "is a part of a(n)" transfer optics

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