concept n° : ST114
domaine : musicologie

organisme : TERMISTI
auteur : Gracienne Benoit

Accueil - Homedate : 2005.07.01


définition : Music in which series are a prominent structural aspect,[1] serial music is constructed according to the principle (...) of 12-note composition.

source : [1] TUCKER 2000: 15; BLOOD 2002: 40

entrée : serial music

grammaire : compound noun

note : false friend; hyperonym: compare with “twelve-tone music”

contexte : Schönberg revolutionized modern music by establishing the 12-tone technique of serial music as an important organizational device.

source : BLOOD 2002: 40

contexte : At the present time I am researching the composer [Messiaen]’s serial music, a relatively restricted body of music written in the short period 1949-1951. This is of special interest because its theoretical basis differs radically from that of the serial music of the composers of the Second Viennese School.

source : website of Allen FORTE 2003, 5 Sept.

entrée : serialism

grammaire : noun

note : false friend: hyperonym; compare with “twelve-tone music”

contexte : Serialism: Schönberg, Webern, Berg.

source : BLOOD 2002: 40

contexte : serialism and atonalism were initially the same thing, and serialism let do a much greater appreciation of the importance of tonal colour (timbre) in music.

source : RAFANELLO 1995

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