concept n° : ST043
domaine : musicologie

organisme : TERMISTI
auteur : Gracienne Benoit

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définition : Reducing a pitch class set to a basic ordered pattern in order to determine a set’s name, it lists the pitch classes in ascending order, in the intervallically most compact form—that way the largest interval is “on the outside”– and, if there is a tie, most compact or packed to the left or bottom, i.e. “as compactly as possible with respect to the first pc.”

source : following TOMLIN; TUCKER 2000: 2; SOLOMON 1998; KELLEY 2002; HEADLAM 2005

notation : For Tucker, after Forte, the square brackets, commas, and lack of spaces between digits are conventional in set names or normal forms like [3,5,6,9] but Tomlin spell them like (9,10,2).

entrée : normal order

grammaire : compound noun

contexte : The pc sets (in normal order) (...) : A:[2,3,7,8,9] and B:[0,1,5,6,7]

source : FORTE 1973: 5

contexte : To determine the normal order of a set (...) it is (...) necessary to consider (...) its (...) circular permutations.

source : FORTE 1973: 3

contexte : a basic ordered pattern, (...) the normal order is that permutation with the least difference determined by subtracting the first integer from the last

source : FORTE 1973: 3-4

contexte : inversion of a pc set in normal order produces a pc set in descending order

source : FORTE 1973: 9

contexte : [If the least difference of first and last integers is the same for any two permutations,] [select] the best normal order as follows. (...) select the permutation with the least difference between first and second integers. If this is the same, select the permutation with the least difference between the first and third integers, and son on, until the difference between the first and the next to last integers has been checked. If the differences are the same each time, select one ordering arbitrarily as the normal order.

source : FORTE 1973: 4

rem.: In this case, best is no part of the term, which is not to be mistaken for the term best normal order. Nonetheless, 'best' primarily means 'most packed to the bottom.'

entrée : normal form

grammaire : compound noun

contexte : If you look at a pitch set graphed on a clock face, the normal form will be the clockwise spelling of the set that traverses the smallest distance on the circumference of the circle.

source : TOMLIN

contexte : Determination of normal form in case of a tie [i.e. if] two rotations have the same smallest range between the first and last note: (...) the normal form of the pattern [is] the version that has the smaller interval between the first and next to the last note.

source : RUMERY 2004: 2

contexte : Only when we compare first to third-last tones does order 7 8 10 1 4 emerge as this set’s normal form, the one most compact to the left.

source : TUCKER 2000: 2

entrée : root position

grammaire : compound noun

contexte : Find the normal order (or root position)

source : HEADLAM 2005



réseau conceptuel : consulter (43)

définition : Ensemble de classes de hauteurs où les classes de hauteurs sont numérotées du grave vers l’aigu dans le plus petit ambitus possible, avec, dans la mesure du possible, les rapports d’intervalles les plus petits groupés sur la gauche.

source : d'après DELIÈGE 1989 : 66, 67

note : Dans cette définition sont ignorés les équivalents inverses de l’ensemble de classes de hauteurs en question.

entrée : ordre normal

grammaire : groupe nominal masculin

note : comparer avec la définition plus large (ou plus précise) du terme.

contexte :

source : dans la version française d'Analysis (BENT 1998, « Glossaire »)

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