concept n° : ST070
domaine : musicologie

organisme : TERMISTI
auteur : Gracienne Benoit

Accueil - Homedate : 2005.07.01


définition : Closeness, as opposed to sameness or equivalence, that is defined and measured between sets of the same cardinality.

source : after FORTE 1973: 5; RAHN 1994

entrée : similarity

grammaire : noun

contexte : The criteria for determining resemblance that pcset similarity functions employ can include pc content, interval-class content, set class content (...), and transformations within and/or between the pcsets.

source : BUCHLER 1998: 19

contexte : Some theorists have devised means to discuss the similarity of sets and classes according to shared pc and ic content.

source : TUCKER 2000

contexte : The spate of articles on measuring similarity among pc sets originated in three articles published simultaneously in PNM [Perspective of New Music] 18 (1980), by Morris, Rahn, and Lewin.

source : RAHN 2002

contexte : we should acknowledge that we have a poorly developed understanding of the roles similarity plays in music, and are therefore using crude tools in a crude fashion. Refining these tools will require getting acquainted with the theoretical and experimental literature on similarity in cognitive science and psychology. Recent work by Robert Goldstone would provide a good jumping-in point.

source : ISAACSON 1998

contexte : it might be useful to define relations for sets of the same cardinal number so that given two such sets known to be non-equivalent one could determine the degree of similarity between them.

source : FORTE 1973: 46

entrée : similarity relation

grammaire : compound noun

contexte : Just as the set complex can be considered from the standpoint of invariance, so can it be viewed in terms of similarity relations.

source : FORTE 1973: 108



définition : Notion théorique permettant d’établir des relations entre agrégats dans la séquence des événements d’une partition.

source : HASCHER 2002a : 51 ; MESNAGE 1989 : 88

entrée : similarité

grammaire : nom féminin

contexte : [Titre : ] Relations entre classes d’ensembles : similarité entre contenus intervalliques.

source : SCHAUB 2002 : 19


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