concept n° : ST084
domaine : musicologie

organisme : TERMISTI
auteur : Gracienne Benoit

Accueil - Homedate : 2005.07.01


définition : Condition met by two pitch-class sets having the same prime form that share no pitch classes.

entrée : complete non-invariance

grammaire : compound noun

contexte : the vector of 4-Z29 is [111111], so that transposition for any value of t would yield at least 1 invariant pc. Only inversion followed by transposition (with special limitations on values of t) will result in complete non-invariance in that case.

source : FORTE 1973: 40

entrée : minimal invariance

grammaire : compound noun

contexte : (speaking of two equivalent pitch class sets in a musical example) Notice that [they] share no pitch classes; the condition of minimal invariance is unique in this situation, for there is only one value of t which produces no invariants under inversion followed by transposition

source : FORTE 1973: 75

contexte : (speaking of sets in a section from an opera) minimal or virtually minimal invariance appears to be the rule.

source : FORTE 1973: 123


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